A producer who pays fees to the MSA through a mandatory but refundable check-off of $1.00 per CSIP tag and who does not request in writing a refund of the fees, automatically becomes a member of the MSA, for the current fiscal year and is entitled to the benefits associated with membership including the right to vote at District and General meetings of the Association, and to serve on the Board of Directors.

Producers requesting a refund of fees are not members of the Association. The MSA is the designated organization representing sheep producers in Manitoba, and as such is authorized to collect a check-off applied to the purchase of National ID tags which must be applied to all sheep or lambs leaving their farm of origin. Currently the MSA has just under 400 members.

Manitoba Sheep Association By-Laws

Manitoba Sheep Association 2017 Business Plan

Manitoba Sheep Association District Map

Manitoba Sheep Association Check off Regulations