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Dr. John Hamerton Scholarship/Bursary
Purpose: This $500 reward is designed to promote the future success of the Manitoba Sheep Industry's youth and the Manitoba Sheep Industry through higher learning.
Eligibility: The MSA scholarship is open to any student who is a current member of the MSA or is the student relation of a current MSA member.
1) The applicant must provide official proof of current enrolment in a post-secondary program.
2) The applicant must provide two references indicating their active involvement in the community and/or MB Sheep Industry. Immediate family members do not qualify.
3) The applicant must submit an essay no longer than 2 pages highlighting their involvement in the community and how their post-secondary education could contribute to future involvement in their community / province of Manitoba.
Applicants currently involved in the Manitoba sheep industry should cite their activities and how they foresee their post-secondary involvement contributing to future involvement in the sheep industry. Applicants involved in the Manitoba sheep industry will receive preference in scholarship selection, however, those involved in community activities are encouraged to apply.
Limitations: All students are eligible to apply for the scholarship consecutive years in a row, but may only be rewarded the scholarship one time. Only one applicant may be awarded a scholarship per school year.
Contact: Please submit your completed application by June 30, 2017 to the following address or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
MSA 5203 Clarence Rd Narol, MB R1C 0B8