Summary of July 9th meeting with Minister Kostyshyn and Mitch Millar

  • A positive for the Manitoba lamb producers is that the Canadian Lamb Producers \Co-op is up and running and is now purchasing lamb from its members. The lamb market is strong and seems to be holding.
  • Manitoba producers are still challenged by the limited/lack of kill and processing facilities in Manitoba. The majority of our Manitoba lamb goes east.
  • Many producers are faced with the possibility of pasture and winter feed shortages because of the current wet conditions. The next few weeks and month will determine our situation
  • A Manitoba producer is in the process of doing a large scale expansion and has found the application and approval process for the Manure Management plan to be slow, frustrating  and cumbersome.
  • As a producer from the Interlake area I see the effect of the flooding around Lake Manitoba and many producers are flooded again. A permanent drain at the north end of the lake would be beneficial to producers around the lake.