2017 Lamb Production Costs in Manitoba

A helpful tool for Farm Planning and Analysis: Cost of Production



Recommended Code of Practice for Sheep by the Canadian Agri-Food Research Council:

Code of Practice
The Codes of Practice are nationally developed guidelines for the care and handling of different species of farm animals. Codes are not intended to be used as production manuals; instead, the Codes are designed to be used as an educational tool in the promotion of sound management and welfare practices. The Codes contain recommendations to assist farmers and others in the agriculture and food sector to compare and improve their own management practices.


Virtual Tool Box from The Canadian Sheep Federation is full of new and important information for new entrants to the sheep industry.


Producer Resources from The Canadian Sheep Federation includes lots of valuable information and resources for sheep producers.


Cost of Production Tool 


Sheep Abortions - Dr. Chris Clark’s Presentation - 2012 AGM & Biosecurity Meeting, March 2012


Tagging Informational Videos


Dr. Grandin on Animal Welfare at American Sheep Association Convention in 2017


Grazing Sheep in Corn


Ethnic Holiday Calendar for Lamb & Goat Markets
Populations of different ethnic communities that enjoy lamb and goat meat are growing in Manitoba as well as in rest of the Canada. The demand grows much higher during their particular holidays. This calendar outlines the holidays of many ethnic communities.
Ethnic Holiday Calendar (PDF)


Price Reporting form.




SheepBytes Ration Builder: